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What to expect when you visit

We would love for you to join us!

Visiting a church, joining a new gym, starting a new job or school can all be a little intimidating. We understand this and want to make sure your time at St. John's to be great!

Worship Times

We are currently meeting on Sunday mornings.

8am: Worship

Masks are worn the entire service with communion.

9:30am: In-person & Livestream Worship

In-person - Masks are worn to your seat

Livestream - Available on Facebook, YouTube or right below!

Communion - available for those attending in-person worship as well as Drive-Through Communion


St. John's is in the old Algonquin downtown. We are one street off Main, with parking on all sides of our building.

What happens?

It's important to know what you're getting into, so here's a summary of what will happen.

Church is about 1 hour. Most of us dress casual. We hand out worship bulletins so everyone can follow along. We greet each other at the "Sharing of Peace" at the beginning of service and we say, "Peace of the Lord" to one another.

Our Pastor will share a 12-18 minute message centered on the remarkable love of Jesus.

Have kids? Please don't be nervous to have them in worship with you. Jesus loves kids and their "soundtrack"! So do we!

Our church culture.

We are a relaxed group of Christians who happen to be a mix of ages & backgrounds. We are passionate about Jesus, showing mercy to all, actively serving our community, and being an advocate for the needs of other.

We believe the Bible is true. God is good. His mercy is real & his love is relentless.

We follow the traditional format of worship in a captivating yet relaxed way.

Why do we come to church and follow Jesus together?

Simply put, we are about the radical, relentless, redeeming love of Jesus. We believe the Grace of Jesus is blind to our history or condition.

We want to be a catalyst in the Algonquin community for this grace of Jesus. We want to live our lives in a way that means we actually have skin in the game when it comes to being people of Grace. This is best done together!

You will find grace here. You will find imperfect people perfectly loved by Jesus. You will find rest from performance based lives and relationships.

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