Welcome Pastor Jeremy Latzke

After a year of searching and praying, Pastor Jeremy Latzke accepted the call to serve as the next pastor of St. John's. Pastor Latzke and his family will be joining the St. John's in August.

Pastor Jeremy grew up in a family full of church workers. His dream, however, was to work for ESPN and work in sports broadcasting or journalism. As it turned out, God had other plans. Despite insisting for years he would never attend the “family school,” the Holy Spirit led him to enroll at Concordia University River Forest (now Chicago), following in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents. After fairly quickly coming to the realization that being a full-time high school teacher wasn’t for him, he joined the pre-seminary program and eventually made his way to Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. Upon graduation he took his first call to the Lutheran Church of St. John in Quincy, IL.


While he was serving in Quincy he met his wife, Ruth, and became dad to Isaac. In March of 2015 Pastor Jeremy took a call to serve St. Paul Lutheran Church in Chenoa, IL. It was during their time in Chenoa that Ethan was born.


Outside of church Pastor Jeremy is a fan of the Chicago White Sox, Green Bay Packers, and Liverpool soccer. He also counts baking amongst his primary hobbies, particularly cookies. Pastor and his family are excited to be coming and serving alongside the people of St. John’s. They look forward to getting to know the members of this congregation and working together to find ways to show the love and share the good news of Jesus with the community.