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BEING Challenge

Join us for this 40 day challenge!

What is the Being Challenge?

This fall, we're taking it the the next level and studying the 5 habits and practices of Jesus and how we can bring those into our lives.

Here are the 5 Keystone habit we will be exploring:

  • Commit to Community
  • Study Scripture
  • Prioritize Prayer
  • Seek Solitude
  • Choose Church

The first week of the challenge will be an overview of the five habits followed by a week spent studying each one in depth.

Step 1: Get Your Book

This workbook includes a daily reading and challenge to accompany it as we journey through each of the five keystone habits of Jesus. Day 1 starts September 15.

Books can be purchased on Sunday mornings at worship or online.

$20 each

2. Stay Engaged - Daily Devotions

Sign up to receive Daily Devotions that will be sent out via email or text in addition to each challenge.

3. Participate Throughout The Week

Bible Studies are back! There are two options during the week to join Pastor Brian for a Bible study, in person or online!


While the Being Challenge book is designed for adults, we want your entire family to participate in this challenge. There are Being Challenge Kids books designed for kids and include daily challenges. Kids can also participate in the Being Challenge by tuning into Sunday School Online each weekend starting September 13!

Series Kickoff is September 13: Day 1 of reading starts September 15!